Ritual Coffee Roasters House blend "Bean in Stroud" coffee 250g (Ritual)
Ritual Coffee Roasters House blend "Bean in Stroud" coffee 250g (Ritual)
Ritual Coffee Roasters House blend "Bean in Stroud" coffee 250g (Ritual)

Ritual Coffee Roasters House blend "Bean in Stroud" coffee 250g (Ritual)

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Roasted by Ritual Coffee Roasters winners of Best roasters in the Cotswolds 2019. 

Ritual Coffee Roasters was founded by Courtney Conroy and Callum Lister.

Ritual Coffee Roasters was started in April 2018.

Ritual Coffee Roasters make sure the coffee growers, pickers and shippers all get paid not only a fair amount but that provides a sustainable income for the coffee farming community.

Ritual Coffee Roasters generally work with smaller producers and co-operatives with an emphasis on social responsibility.

Ritual Coffee Roasters are based in Cheltenham.

Elevate your coffee experience with our exceptional and versatile blend, meticulously crafted to shine as both espresso and an immersion brew. A harmonious symphony of acidity, sweetness, and body awaits, offering a sensory journey that transcends expectations. Its nuanced nature presents itself as a vibrant and airy delight when savored alone, transforming into a nutty and indulgently sweet masterpiece with the addition of milk.

Since its inception in 2018, this blend has remained a beacon of consistency and excellence. A testament to our unwavering dedication, we've nurtured relationships with the same dedicated producers who make it possible. These visionary individuals hail from the verdant Cauca region of Colombia, the enchanting Tarrazu in Costa Rica, and the cherished El Carmen estate in El Salvador.


Experience the harmonious interplay of flavors – from the enchanting allure of butterscotch to the succulent sweetness of plum, culminating in the buttery richness of cashew.


This blend showcases a symphony of varietals, including Carturra, Castillo, Catuai, Red Bourbon, and Obata, each contributing their unique attributes to the blend's character.


A dedication to excellence is realized through the fully washed process, celebrating the inherent qualities of the beans and yielding a cup that encapsulates our passion.


Born from coffee plants thriving at altitudes ranging from 1,200 to 2,100 meters above sea level, this blend captures the essence of high-altitude terroirs, ensuring an unparalleled and captivating experience in every sip.