Ritual Coffee Roasters “Inza Cauca” coffee 250g (Ritual)
Ritual Coffee Roasters “Inza Cauca” coffee 250g (Ritual)
Ritual Coffee Roasters “Inza Cauca” coffee 250g (Ritual)

Ritual Coffee Roasters “Inza Cauca” coffee 250g (Ritual)

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Roasted by Ritual Coffee Roasters.

Ritual Coffee Roasters was founded by Courtney Conroy and Callum Lister.

Ritual Coffee Roasters was started in April 2018.

Ritual Coffee Roasters make sure the coffee growers, pickers and shippers all get paid not only a fair amount but that provides a sustainable income for the coffee farming community.

Ritual Coffee Roasters generally work with smaller producers and co-operatives with an emphasis on social responability.

Ritual Coffee Roasters are based in Cheltenham.

Indulge in the splendor of our superlative washed coffee, hailing from the enchanting municipality of Inza nestled within Colombia's Cauca department. This coffee is a true embodiment of sweetness, with hints of brown sugar that dance upon the palate, complemented by vibrant lemony accents that culminate in a refreshingly clean finish. Prepare to elevate your daily ritual with this exceptional brew, tailor-made for everyday immersion methods like your trusty cafetiere or Aeropress.

The genesis of this remarkable coffee is woven with care and collaboration. Cultivated by a collective of 52 dedicated smallholders in Pedregal and San Antonio, each individual microlot has undergone rigorous cupping and grading at a community cupping lab. This initiative, generously funded by our esteemed export partner, has kindled a positive transformation. It has not only equipped the region with a warehouse but also established the avenue to the specialty market, empowering local families to secure enhanced prices for their prized crop.

This newfound lab and warehouse serve as a beacon of hope, acting as both a sourcing hub and logistical partner for communities across the region. This strategic move has flung open the doors to the specialty market, ensuring equitable compensation for the toil of these families.


Envelop your senses in a tapestry of flavors – the essence of brown sugar and the zing of lemon harmonize in each sip.


Emerging from the heart of Cauca, Colombia, this coffee carries the essence of its fertile homeland.


A symphony of Caturra (70%+) and Castillo varietals contribute their unique attributes, lending depth to every cup.


Through a meticulous washed process, we celebrate the natural qualities of the beans, resulting in a cup that embodies the very soul of the region.


Cultivated at elevations ranging from 1,250 to 1,550 meters above sea level, this coffee flourishes in its high-altitude home, imbuing it with distinctive character.