Woodchester Valley Vineyard Orpheus Bacchus 2021

Woodchester Valley Vineyard Orpheus Bacchus 2021

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Handmade by Woodchester Valley Vineyard.

Woodchester Valley Vineyard was started in 2007 by Fiona Shiner, when a single acre was planted on their Ambley site. Planting started on the Woodchester site in 2011, and on Doverow in 2013.

Woodchester Valley Vineyard established their own winery in 2016 at the Woodchester site. 

Woodchester Valley Vineyard now have 55 acres over 3 sites. 

Woodchester Valley Vineyard have won many awards for their wine. 

Woodchester Valley Vineyard's Orpheus Bacchus is an exquisite white wine that showcases the vineyard's commitment to quality and sustainability. Made from 100% Bacchus grapes, this wine is a true reflection of the vineyard's dedication to producing exceptional wines using traditional winemaking methods.

The wine's delicate floral and citrus notes, combined with its crisp acidity and refreshing finish, make it the perfect accompaniment to seafood, salads, and other light dishes. Its bright and zesty flavors make it an ideal wine for sipping on a sunny afternoon, while taking in the stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

Woodchester Valley Vineyard's Orpheus Bacchus is made using sustainable farming practices, ensuring that each bottle of wine is of the highest quality and reflects the vineyard's dedication to sustainability.