Kaigami Nautica yellow pendant lampshade
Kaigami Nautica yellow pendant lampshade
Kaigami Nautica yellow pendant lampshade
Kaigami Nautica yellow pendant lampshade

Kaigami Nautica yellow pendant lampshade

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Introducing the Kaigami Nautica Yellow Pendant Lampshade:

Brighten up your space with a splash of vibrant color and contemporary style using the Kaigami Nautica Yellow Pendant Lampshade. This stunning lighting fixture combines modern design with a cheerful yellow hue, creating a captivating centerpiece that adds a touch of warmth and personality to any room in your home.

Kaigami is renowned for its innovative approach to lighting design, and the Nautica Pendant Lampshade in yellow is a testament to their creativity. Meticulously crafted with attention to detail, this lampshade features a unique geometric pattern that casts mesmerizing shadows when illuminated. The clean lines and dynamic shape create a visually striking focal point that instantly draws the eye.

The Nautica Pendant Lampshade is made from high-quality, durable materials, ensuring longevity and reliability. The vibrant yellow color infuses your space with energy and positivity, creating a welcoming and uplifting atmosphere. Whether hung in your living room, dining area, bedroom, or hallway, it becomes a radiant centerpiece that radiates warmth and style.

Designed to fit most standard light fittings, the Nautica Pendant Lampshade is easy to install and enjoy. When lit, the intricate pattern comes alive, casting a soft and inviting glow that fills the room with a captivating ambiance. It is perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere or providing focused lighting to specific areas.

The Kaigami Nautica Yellow Pendant Lampshade not only serves as a functional lighting solution but also as a striking decorative piece. Its contemporary design and vibrant color make it a versatile choice for adding a pop of personality and vibrancy to any interior. It becomes a visual delight that enhances the overall aesthetics of your home.

Experience the beauty and artistry of the Kaigami Nautica Yellow Pendant Lampshade. Transform your space with its radiant presence, infusing it with a burst of color and a modern flair. Let the interplay of light and shadows captivate your guests and create an ambiance that reflects your unique style and taste.

Order your Kaigami Nautica Yellow Pendant Lampshade today and make a vibrant statement in your living space. Treat yourself or surprise a loved one with a bold and stylish lighting fixture. Experience the beauty of Kaigami's innovative lighting design and create an ambiance that exudes contemporary elegance and positivity.

Made by Kaigami.

Kaigami have created this Nautica lampshade from environmentally friendly recycled polypropylene and recycled plastic rivets giving this lampshade the eco credentials you want in your home.

The founder of Kaigami studied design at Goldsmiths college London.

This Kaigami “Nautica” lampshade is inspired by Nautica seashells. These shells are found worldwide, most in the tropics but a few have been found in the Arctic. They have a one half-moon aperture (the opening at the front end of gastropod shells). The shell is hard and spherical shaped.

Medium Approx dimensions width 37cm, depth 37cm, height 27cm.

Large dimensions width 45cm, depth 45cm, height 36cm.