Ceilidh- Jo Rowe"Many moons" CD

Ceilidh- Jo Rowe"Many moons" CD (Ceilidh)

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Ceilidh-Jo Rowe started recording her wonderful children’s songs when she realised how much music helped her keep playful and connect with her child during challenging times.

Ceilidh-Jo Rowe believes music can cheer, soothe, invigorate, inspire and educate… most of all it’s a vibe changer!

“A collection of songs for children and their people... For all those who have never lost sense of wonder..” 

The new Children’s CD available now! Featuring excellent guests and the brilliant Children’s chorus!

Track listing;

01. John Kanaka-naka
02. Building a boat
03. I love the Mountains
04. Dusty Bluebells
05. Spin Spider Spin
06. Pirate Song
07. Stamping Land
08. Hole in my Bucket
09. Oh dear! What can the matter be?
10. Rain songs
11. I go with my Lantern
12. Little Boat
13. Bella Mama
14. Glide Along
15. Watch the Stars
16. May the long time sun shine upon