Cotswold Mushrooms Lions Mane mycelium 60x500mg capsules

Cotswold Mushrooms Lions Mane mycelium 60x500mg capsules

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Made by Cotswold Mushrooms. 

60 x 500mg capsules 


Lion's Mane Mycelium Capsules (Hericium erinacius)

Our Lion's Mane Mycelium Capsules contain mushroom mycelium loaded with active compounds and metabolites. This mycelium is rich in erinacines, renowned for their ability to stimulate the production of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF).

For optimal benefits, combine Lion's Mane Mycelium Capsules with our Lion's Mane Fruiting Body Capsules to harness the synergistic effects of hericenones and erinacines.

Please note that we prioritize quality in our cultivation process. We extend grow cycles to 60-90 days, surpassing the industry norm of harvesting after 30 days. Additionally, our Lion's Mane mycelium is cultivated using sorghum, ensuring a wheat-free product.

Rest assured, our product has been independently tested to confirm its freedom from pesticides, heavy metals, and contaminants, ensuring a premium and reliable supplement for your well-being.