Coco Caravan Tamari Almond dark vegan chocolate bar 77g

Coco Caravan Tamari Almond dark vegan chocolate bar 77g

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Introducing Coco Caravan Tamari Almond Dark Vegan Chocolate Bar, a harmonious blend of rich dark chocolate, crunchy almonds, and the savory depth of tamari. Crafted with passion and expertise, this delectable treat is perfect for those seeking a vegan-friendly chocolate experience that excites the taste buds.

Coco Caravan Tamari Almond Dark Vegan Chocolate Bar starts with premium quality dark chocolate, made from carefully selected cocoa beans. The rich and velvety chocolate provides a luxurious base that envelops the whole almonds, creating a delightful crunch with every bite. To elevate the flavour profile, a touch of savory tamari is added, infusing the chocolate with a subtle umami note that complements the nuttiness of the almonds.

Indulge in the decadence of Coco Caravan Tamari Almond Dark Vegan Chocolate Bar. The combination of smooth dark chocolate, roasted almonds, and the savory twist of tamari creates a uniquely satisfying taste experience. With a 77g bar size, it offers the perfect portion to enjoy on its own or share with fellow chocolate enthusiasts.

Crafted with vegan-friendly ingredients, Coco Caravan Tamari Almond Dark Vegan Chocolate Bar is suitable for those following a plant-based lifestyle. It is free from dairy, making it a guilt-free indulgence that can be enjoyed by chocolate lovers of all preferences.

The sleek packaging reflects the elegance and sophistication of this exceptional chocolate bar, making it an ideal gift for special occasions or a treat for yourself. Each bar is carefully crafted with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring a superior quality product that delights the senses.

Experience the exquisite blend of flavours in Coco Caravan Tamari Almond Dark Vegan Chocolate Bar. Elevate your snacking moments with the rich, velvety dark chocolate, the satisfying crunch of almonds, and the savory touch of tamari. Treat yourself or someone special to the indulgence of Coco Caravan, where passion and quality meet in every bite.

Handmade by Coco Caravan. 

This product is vegan friendly. Allergens soy sauce, almonds.

Ingredients: Cacao butter, cacao powder, coconut blossom nectar, activated and tamari soy sauce slow roasted almonds (15%) (cocoa solids 72% minimum).

Coco Caravan was stared in 2013 by Jacques Cop.

Jacques worked for 10 years previously as an ecologist.

Patricia Brien is the creative director is Coco Caravan. Patricia designed the Mandala for the logo and is the aesthetic drive of the brand. Patricia’s background is in research, fashion, art, media, writing and was an educator in Australian, Dutch and British universities for many years.

Coco Caravan are passionate about making chocolate that has a focus around ethical production and sustainability.

Coco Caravan specialise in vegan and organic chocolate that is not only good for you but is delicious and award winning.

Coco Caravan use no additives or preservatives in their chocolate.

Coco Caravan only use Fair trade or Direct trade Cacao to make their chocolate.

Coco Caravan never use plastic in their packaging.

Coco Caravan always hand make their chocolate in small batches.

Coco Caravan are based in Stroud, Gloucestershire.