Coco Caravan 75% Arturo - Brazil bean to bar chocolate bar 60g

Coco Caravan 75% Arturo - Brazil bean to bar chocolate bar 60g

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This exceptional cacao variety thrives on the renowned 'Fazenda Comboa estate' nestled in the Bahia region of Brazil, situated along the celebrated "Costa do Cacao," also known as the Cacao Coast.

Within the confines of the Mata Atlantica rainforest, where a tropical climate and frequent rainfall create an ideal environment for cacao cultivation, these beans are meticulously grown. The cultivation takes place within the rainforest itself, employing agroforestry techniques that utilize the fertile soils beneath the trees, ensuring the protection of the rainforest from degradation.

Named in honor of Arturo Carvalho, who established the Fazenda Comboa estate in 1942, this bar pays homage to the estate's journey. Over the ensuing decades, the estate evolved into one of Brazil's largest cacao producers. However, in 1989, a devastating disease known as "Witches Broom" struck the farm. Arthur and Eduardo Carvalho, the great-grandsons of Arturo, managed to rescue their cacao trees and revive the farm.

In 2007, the estate achieved organic certification, solidifying its status as the largest producer of organic cacao in Brazil.

This direct-traded cacao imparts a distinctive flavor profile, characterized by woody-chocolatey notes and a finish reminiscent of silky smooth port.

Coco Caravan was stared in 2013 by Jacques Cop.

Jacques worked for 10 years previously as an ecologist.

Patricia Brien is the creative director is Coco Caravan. Patricia designed the Mangala for the logo and is the aesthetic drive of the brand. Patricia’s background is in research, fashion, art, media, writing and was an educator in Australian, Dutch and British universities for many years.

Coco Caravan are passionate about making chocolate that has a focus around ethical production and sustainability.

Coco Caravan specialise in vegan and organic chocolate that is not only good for you but is delicious and award winning.

Coco Caravan use no additives or preservatives in their chocolate.

Coco Caravan only use Fair trade or Direct trade Cacao to make their chocolate.

Coco Caravan never use plastic in their packaging.

Coco Caravan always handmake their chocolate in small batches.

Coco Caravan are based in Stroud, Gloucestershire.