Saskia's Flower Essences "Life Support Kit" 3x30ml
Saskia's Flower Essences "Life Support Kit" 3x30ml

Saskia's Flower Essences "Life Support Kit" 3x30ml

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Handmade by Saskia’s Flower Essences.

Saskia Flower Essences was founded by Saskia Marjoram.

Sakia Marjoram was a professional gardener for HRH Prince of Wales for many years.

Saskia Flower Essences was started in 2003.

Saskia Marjoram has been a professional gardener for over 30 years.


Life Support Kit: Empowerment, Purpose, and Serenity

Introducing our comprehensive boxed set featuring all three of our essence blends thoughtfully designed to empower men and boys, as well as nurture the masculine aspect within all individuals.

This kit includes:

  1. Strong and Capable (30ml) - When you find yourself in moments of self-doubt and seek encouragement and reaffirmation of your inner strength and abilities.

  2. Purpose and Drive (30ml) - For those times when you're in search of direction in life, facing uncertainty, or experiencing a lack of energy and confidence.

  3. Calm and Gentle (30ml) - For those moments in life when you encounter intolerance, frustration, impatience, or anger, and need support to return to a place of inner calm and understanding.

Additionally, this kit provides an informative leaflet to guide you in using these essence blends effectively.

We want to emphasize that these essence blends are not limited by gender and are accessible to everyone. While they may resonate with anyone, we are aware that many men and boys may grapple with the challenges these blends address. Our aim is to make these essences more accessible to those who may not have considered using them previously, regardless of gender identity.