Tubby Tom's Steak Haus super umami steak flavoured seasoning 60g

Tubby Tom's Steak Haus super umami steak flavoured seasoning 60g

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Mind-bending flavor and beefy umami pleasure

This blend captures the essence of beef, reminiscent of flame-grilled steak, and is completely vegan-friendly.

It's our top choice for enhancing beefy flavors—an incredible stock-style powder perfect for elevating stews, ramen broths, spaghetti bolognese, and chilies. Sprinkle it on chips and wedges right out of the pan for an amazing touch! Transforming regular roast potatoes into the best ever is a breeze—parboil until slightly fluffy, toss them into a hot, oiled pan, and once golden crispy, coat them in this magical dust. You'll be hailed a hero.

Use it as a subtle yet potent seasoning on steaks, briskets, and short ribs. However, for smoking, we recommend trying our textured Cowabunga Beef rub.

If the tempting flavor of Steak Haus intrigues you, explore our Chicken version, Yard Bird.

Nutritional Info:

  • Vegan Friendly / No Major Allergens

Ingredients (Allergens in Bold): Yeast, Salt, Maltodextrin, Garlic, Onion, Caramelized Sugar, Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Parsley, Flavouring.

Storage: Keep in a cool, dark place. Once opened, use within 2 weeks, and reseal after each use. This magical powder, with its fine texture, may clump if exposed to steam or high temperatures, so handle sensibly. Use your fingers to break up any clumps if needed or blend it in a NutriBullet/mixer!


Tubby Tom’s Started in the summer of 2014, when Tom made his first batch of BBQ sauce with hand drawn labels.

Tubby Tom’s did their first event at barn on the farm festival selling BBQ chicken, chip butties and curries.

Tubby Tom then worked at Kitchen Garden Foods for two years making Chilli jams. Kitchen garden Food let Tubby Tom us their equipment on weekends to make his hot sauces.

The weekends Tubby Tom wasn’t making hot sauce he spent selling at farmers markets, including the award winning Stroud farmers market.

Tubby Tom then got stocked by Harvey Nicks.

Tubby Tom now got to the point where he could no longer work a full time job and run his growing hot sauce company, so he quit his job and started making hot sauce in his kitchen.

Next Tubby Tom rented a space from Hetty of Hetty’s Kitchen (she makes the most amazing brownies).

In 2018 Tubby Tom moved into his own unit and built a production kitchen from scratch.

2020 was a scary time for Tubby Tom but after a while his wholesale and web orders went crazy.

Tubby Tom has had to move to larger units twice to keep up with demand.

Tubby Tom now employs 6 people.

Tubby Tom is living proof that if you work hard, have a vision, and self-belief you can do well.