Hive MInd Friends in Mead 2023 honey mead 12.5% 500ml

Hive Mind Friends in Mead 2023 honey mead 12.5% 500ml

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Crafted from an exquisite blend of over 250 honey varieties sourced from around the globe, Friends in Mead represents a serendipitous encounter between Hive Mind and the Guild of Fine Food, organizers of the renowned international food and drink accreditation scheme, Great Taste.

An impromptu discussion on the influx of honey entries worldwide and the desire to find a purposeful use for surplus honey led to the inception of the inaugural batch of Friends in Mead. This distinctive creation not only captures the diverse and individual notes of the various honeys it comprises but also serves as a tribute to the dedicated efforts of beekeepers worldwide.

Beyond its exceptional flavor profile, Friends in Mead carries a profound mission. Dedicating 100% of its profits to support the impactful work of the charity Bees Abroad, this mead becomes a celebration of the indispensable role played by bees in our ecosystem. Savor a sip and join us in toasting the commitment of beekeepers globally.

Presented in a 500ml bottle with an alcohol content of 12.5%, Friends in Mead is more than a delightful beverage—it's a commitment to positive change.

About Bees Abroad:

In collaboration with communities throughout Africa and beyond, Bees Abroad empowers individuals through the transformative practice of sustainable beekeeping. Working alongside local beekeeper trainers and organizations, Bees Abroad takes a holistic approach to community development. Their initiatives encompass comprehensive education, guidance, and mentorship, focusing on instilling best practices in local beekeeping. Beyond the apiary, they extend their support to impart essential knowledge in business creation and environmental conservation.

By promoting beekeeping, Bees Abroad champions a sustainable, cost-effective, and ecologically friendly means for communities to generate reliable income while establishing and nurturing thriving businesses. This approach reflects their commitment to fostering economic resilience and environmental stewardship, paving the way for sustainable growth and community well-being.