Coco Caravan Guayaquil 75 % bean to bar chocolate bar 60g

Coco Caravan Guayaquil 75 % bean to bar chocolate bar 60g

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Presenting a limited edition born from my cacao exploration in Ecuador, this unique release reflects my journey to the southern regions of the country. Though I managed to procure only a modest quantity of these exceptional cacao beans, the experience left me yearning for more.

Hailing from the expansive Hacienda Victoria Estate in southern Ecuador, this remarkable cacao variety thrives on a 500-hectare expanse. Within this vast estate, a curated collection of rare and ancient cacaos contributes to the chocolate's extraordinary flavor profile. Exhibiting an exquisite and harmonious palate, the chocolate unfolds with captivating floral and fruity notes.

Notably, this bar has consistently emerged as a favorite in numerous blindfolded tastings, attesting to its exceptional qualities and the delight it brings to discerning palates.

Jacques worked for 10 years previously as an ecologist.

Patricia Brien is the creative director is Coco Caravan. Patricia designed the Mangala for the logo and is the aesthetic drive of the brand. Patricia’s background is in research, fashion, art, media, writing and was an educator in Australian, Dutch and British universities for many years.

Coco Caravan are passionate about making chocolate that has a focus around ethical production and sustainability.

Coco Caravan specialise in vegan and organic chocolate that is not only good for you but is delicious and award winning.

Coco Caravan use no additives or preservatives in their chocolate.

Coco Caravan only use Fair trade or Direct trade Cacao to make their chocolate.

Coco Caravan never use plastic in their packaging.

Coco Caravan always handmake their chocolate in small batches.

Coco Caravan are based in Stroud, Gloucestershire.