Boutique Distillery Haka Hakatini 30% ABV 50cl

Boutique Distillery Haka Cold Brew Hakatini Rum 30% ABV 50cl

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Crafted using my award-winning Haka Premium Sipping Rum and the finest Arabica coffee, I'm excited to present my latest creation: Cold Brew Espresso HAKATINI Rum.

Imagine an Espresso Martini with a grown-up twist. Simply shake vigorously with ice, strain into your preferred Martini Glass, and garnish with coffee beans or grated dark chocolate.

Picture a symphony of rich, dark rum, hints of vanilla, toasted bourbon oak cask, bitter chocolate, caramel, and the bold kick of cold brew coffee. It's a celebration of flavors!

Whether you're a rum aficionado or a coffee enthusiast, this is a true delight. And if you happen to love both, brace yourself for an explosion of flavors that might just leave you speechless. Enjoy it neat, over ice cream, or drizzled over your favorite dessert. Feeling adventurous? Fold it into whipped cream for a decadent topping on just about anything! Here's to indulging in a laid-back yet irresistibly delicious experience! Cheers!