Black Cloud Tea "Sweet Wood" white tea 15g
Black Cloud Tea "Sweet Wood" white tea 15g
Black Cloud Tea "Sweet Wood" white tea 15g
Black Cloud Tea "Sweet Wood" white tea 15g

Black Cloud Tea "Sweet Wood" white tea 15g

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Introducing Black Cloud Tea's "Sweet Wood" White Tea (15g) - an embodiment of exquisite taste and profound tranquility.

Tasting Notes: Unveil the exceptional character of "Sweet Wood" White Tea with its distinctive large dry leaves, releasing a captivating aroma of chocolate raisins. A harmonious fusion of earthy, woody tones dances with the sweetness of honey-kissed dried fruits. This tea is tailored for an extended infusion, offering a luxurious sipping experience.

Tea Type: Large Leaf White Tea

Chinese Name: 古树白茶 Gushu White

Background Description: Indulge in the world of "Sweet Wood," a white tea that unveils a symphony of intricate woody sweetness, elevated by an astonishingly velvety texture. Hailing from the Gushu (ancient tree) gardens tended by the Li family in Gaoshan Village, Yiwu, this tea is sun-dried on bamboo baskets, capturing the essence of nature. With a touch of maturity, it unfolds depths of flavor and complexity. Infuse it multiple times, and delight in the simplicity of "grandpa style" brewing – the leaves gently steeping in a glass of hot water. A cup of this brew promises a serene and radiant afterglow.

Tea Garden Location: Gaoshan Zhai, Yiwu Mountains, Yunnan, China

Harvest Date: Spring 2018

Produced by The Li Family

Brewing Guide: For an unforgettable experience, add 5g to 120ml of 90ºC water. Infuse for 1 minute. Pour and enjoy! For subsequent infusions, add an extra 20 seconds of brewing time. This tea is forgiving; even if you let it steep a bit longer, it stands its ground.

Ingredients: Camellia Sinensis

Embark on a journey through flavor and serenity with "Sweet Wood" White Tea. Sourced from the heart of Yunnan, nurtured by ancient trees, and crafted with passion by the Li family, it's an invitation to discover the artistry of tea.