Seed Of Life Holistic Health “Eternal Rose” ageless face cream 50ml refill sachet

Seed Of Life Holistic Health “Eternal Rose” ageless face cream 50ml refill sachet

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A luscious light yet penetrative and deeply moisturizing daily face cream infused with the Seed of Life refreshing and uplifting signature scent of Eternal Rose.... 100% natural with organic oils and extracts.

This amazing cream has proven itself to be highly beneficial for various skin types, from young problematic skin all the way through to dry, sensitive and mature skin.
Due to the balancing effects of the carefully chosen blend of essential oils, and the rejuvenating effects of rose hips, we have found this cream to be suitable for all ages and all skin types!

Rich in Organic rose hip oil, for a naturally plumping face lift effect, as well as the beneficial and precious oils of almond, grapeseed and coconut for a smooth and healthy skin.

The essential oils within will uplift your mood and soothe your senses, as well as providing you with their wonderful anti-aging properties long documented by wise women throughout time!
Rose and frankincense oils are particularly renowned for their wonderful properties and regenerative effects on the skin.

Handmade by Seed Of Life Holistic Health.

Seed Of Life Holistic Health was founded by Hetty Nutbeam.

Seed Of Life Holistic Health supports a lifesytle of natural and holistic living.

Seed Of Life Holistic Health is commited to providing products to promote health, well being and harmony with respect for the Earth. 

Seed Of Life Holistic Health uphold ethics which include using UK suppliers of ingredients and packaging, minimal use of plastic, biodegradable and compostable labels and inks, supporting the zero waste movement by supplying zero waste shops with bulk bottles of face cream for your refills.

Seed Of Life Holistic Health see our planet as a living body, that requires us to take a holistic approach in order to maintain good health and balance, just like our human bodies.