Jane Harris and Jimmy Edmonds "When words are not enough creative responses to grief" Quickthorn Books
Jane Harris and Jimmy Edmonds "When words are not enough creative responses to grief" Quickthorn Books

Jane Harris and Jimmy Edmonds "When words are not enough creative responses to grief" Quickthorn Books

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"When Words Fall Short: A Creative Exploration of Grief"

In the midst of profound loss, bereaved families embark on a journey to find unique ways to express their grief and keep their loved ones alive in their hearts. The authors, who tragically lost their son Josh in a traffic accident in 2011, invite you to join them on a reflective and creative path they've paved over the past decade.

"When Words Fall Short" is their heartfelt endeavor to bridge the gap between the silence that often surrounds grief and the real-life experiences of those who have walked this painful path.

Jane Harris, the co-author, beautifully states, "When Words Fall Short is our attempt to bridge the divide between the silence that surrounds grief and the lived experience of the bereaved."

This beautifully illustrated book delves into the authors' personal responses to the loss of their son Joshua. In addition, it features contributions from 13 individuals who have also sought solace in creative pursuits after losing a loved one.

As Jimmy Edmonds, the co-author, reflects, "Over time, we have come to realize that our grief has been a series of creative acts."

Throughout history, people have sought to share and discuss their grief, but contemporary society often shies away from this somber topic. "When Words Fall Short" serves as a necessary antidote to those who would have us bury our grief. Through both words and images, the stories within this book illuminate various creative responses to trauma after the loss of a loved one. These include visual storytellers who reimagine their loved ones in their current lives, artists who draw inspiration from their children's artworks, individuals who find peace in music and poetry, and those who embrace the challenge of cold-water swimming to connect with their departed loved ones. These diverse and profoundly creative responses bear witness to the value of shared and openly expressed grief.

The authors contend that everything we do to cope with our grief is an attempt to integrate the absence of our loved one into our ongoing lives. Grief, they argue, is inherently a creative process—an endeavor to create something new, something that could never have existed if not for the loss.

Dr. Kathryn Mannix, the acclaimed author of "With the End in Mind" and "Listen," provides a poignant foreword, stating, "This is a book about sorrow, yet it is brimming with hope. This is a book about loss, but it overflows with love and generosity."

Annalisa Barbieri of The Guardian aptly describes the book as "beautiful" and acknowledges its richness in detail and compassion, deeming it the finest book on grief she's encountered.

Join us in exploring this inspiring and transformative book that celebrates the creative resilience of the human spirit in the face of loss. "When Words Fall Short" is a profound testament to the enduring power of love and the capacity of the human heart to heal through creativity and connection.