Stroud Short Stories volume 3 paperback book

Stroud Short Stories volume 3 paperback book (SSS)

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Our most recent collection, Stroud Short Stories Volume Three (2018-2022), released in September 2022, secured a spot on the Short List for the Saboteur Award 2023 in the Best Anthology category in the UK. Remarkably, it was the sole anthology dedicated to short stories among the finalists, as the others focused on poetry and Flash Fiction.

This anthology encompasses the creative output of seven Stroud Short Stories events held between November 2018 and May 2022. It boasts a compilation of 69 captivating stories contributed by 48 talented writers from Gloucestershire. Spanning an impressive 316 pages, this meticulously crafted paperback showcases the richness of storytelling in our community.

The third instalment of Stroud Short Stories. 
69 of the best short stories written by local authors compiled in this wonderful book. 

Edited by John Holland.