Hawthorn Press Lin Bautze, Ueli Hurter & Johannes Kronenberg "Breathing with the Climate Crisis" book

Hawthorn Press Lin Bautze, Ueli Hurter & Johannes Kronenberg "Breathing with the Climate Crisis" book

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Breathing through the Climate Crisis presents an optimistic narrative surrounding the climate crisis, offering a fresh and transformative perspective that has the potential to inspire courageous action.

During a global biodynamic conference, young individuals and farmers from various regions posed essential questions: "How can we discover our own breath? Do we require more facts, intellect, emotion, or poetic expression?" They propose initiating a personal inquiry, delving into one's burning questions, and encouraging contemplation with both the mind and heart.

This reflective journey prompts individuals to explore the climate crisis and their own responses, drawing practical insights from biodynamic farmers committed to earth stewardship. Breathing seeks to instill hope amid despair, fostering a connection with nature that transcends conventional perspectives.

The central question posed by the book is, "How can we breathe—socially, culturally, environmentally, and spiritually?" The text rejects the notion of abandoning arid landscapes, emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between the earth and humanity, as expressed by Clement Vincent during the 2021 Agriculture and Youth Conference in Dornach, southern India.

Breathing emerged from extensive discussions involving over 1200 young participants and biodynamic farmers worldwide in 2021 at the Goetheanum in Switzerland. Faced with the overwhelming challenge of the climate crisis, they sought to understand its nature and causes. Overcoming potential despair, they discovered hope in the pursuit of a new narrative and perspective, one that could empower them to act and find deeply personal questions.

The contents of the book explore themes such as our connection to the earth, human co-creation, the universal role of every individual as a farmer, aspirations for a global society, and additional recommended reading.

The authors, Ueli Hurter, a biodynamic farmer from L’Aubier, Switzerland; Lin Bautze, project leader for Living Farms specializing in climate change; and Johannes Kronenberg, actively engaged with young people, sustainability, and civil society organizations at the Goetheanum, collectively contribute their insights to Breathing through the Climate Crisis.