Studio Vee unique “Shades of Grey” patchwork large cushion front
Studio Vee unique “Shades of Grey” patchwork large cushion back

Studio Vee unique “Shades of Grey” large patchwork cushion (StudioVee 727)

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Handmade by Studio Vee.

Studio Vee was established in 2010.

Studio Vee is run by Victoria Sangwine-Gould.

Victoria graduated from Ravensbourne College in 1996 with a BA Hons Degree in furniture and related product design.

For 14 years before working for herself as Studio Vee, Victoria worked for several UK manufacturers as an in house designer. She worked for companies such as DFS, Feather and Black, John Lewis, and Furniture Village, designing upholstered sofas, chairs and beds.

Studio Vee Upcycled fabric samples

Studio Vee is based in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

All Studio Vee’s products are handmade.

Approx dimensions 47cm x 47cm.