Susie Hetherington 'Romilly' Cushion, sage (SH)
Susie Hetherington 'Romilly' Cushion, sage

Susie Hetherington 'Romilly' Cushion, sage (SH)

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Handmade by Susie Hetherington. 

Susie Hetherington is based in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

Susie Hetherington began her career as a graphic designer, graduating from Falmouth College of Art in 2004 Susie Hetherington is a graphic designer by trade.

In her 20’s Susie Hetherington formed a design agency called SunHouse, near Bath, with two former colleagues, where she specialised in branding, packaging and graphic illustration. Her role there as Creative Director gave her a chance to work with some fantastic brands, both big and small, as well as lead a team of other designers.

Flora and fauna have been a constant influence in Susie Hetherington’s work.  

Susie Hetherington moved to Gloucestershire and had children, this slower pace of life along with less screentime led to her discovering what she wanted to do with her interests and skills.

Susie Hetherington specialised in monotone drawings of nature, and moved on to block printing.

Susie Hetherington’s drawing and prints are scanned and printed onto fabric in the UK.

Inspiration for this design came from the bursts of wildflowers adorning and bordering the dry-stone walls of a village walk. The fabric is named after a young walking companion who enjoyed spotting the flowers along the way.

Romilly in sage is printed on bleached linen union and the cushion has a plain bleached linen union reverse. This 40cm cushion comes with a feather pad.