Ritual Coffee Roasters “Finca El Carmen” coffee (Ritual)
Ritual Coffee Roasters “Finca El Carmen” coffee (Ritual)
Ritual Coffee Roasters “Finca El Carmen” coffee (Ritual)

Ritual Coffee Roasters “Finca El Carmen” coffee (Ritual)

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Roasted by Ritual Coffee Roasters winners of Best roasters in the Cotswolds 2019.

Ritual Coffee Roasters was founded by Courtney Conroy and Callum Lister.

Ritual Coffee Roasters was started in April 2018.

Ritual Coffee Roasters make sure the coffee growers, pickers and shippers all get paid not only a fair amount but that provides a sustainable income for the coffee farming community.

Ritual Coffee Roasters generally work with smaller producers and co-operatives with an emphasis on social responsibility.

Ritual Coffee Roasters are based in Cheltenham.

Welcome to the El Carmen Estate, a haven nestled within the picturesque Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountain range. Here, meticulous attention is devoted to every facet of cultivation, ensuring the distinctive character of each lot is preserved with utmost care. Our discerning process begins by selecting only the ripest cherries, which are then delicately cleansed with pure spring water and caressed by the sun's warmth on clay patios.

This labor of love continues as the coffee, now transformed into parchment-covered beans, finds its home in wooden silos. Patiently, it undergoes a restful transformation for a minimum of 60 days, meticulously managed under controlled conditions. This period allows the beans to attain a harmonious balance of humidity and color, a testament to our dedication.


Indulge in the symphony of flavors that await within each cup – notes of velvety dark chocolate, golden honey, and buttery cashew unite to create an exquisite experience.


Born amidst the lush landscapes of Apaneca-Ilamatepec, El Salvador, our coffee bears the essence of this remarkable terroir.


Nurtured with care, the Red Bourbon varietal takes center stage, contributing its unique attributes to the cup.


Through a meticulous washed process, we ensure that the inherent qualities of the beans are honored, resulting in a coffee that truly embodies its origins.


Grown at an elevation of 1,300 meters above sea level, our coffee cherishes its high-altitude home, influencing its exceptional character.