James Milroy - Ballroom dancer
James Milroy - Ballroom dancer

James Milroy - Ballroom dancer

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James Milroy’s Ballroom Dancing is a highly detailed square shaped 652 piece jigsaw puzzle that depicts a crowded ballroom full of dancers facing in every direction. The true detail in this stunning jigsaw puzzle comes upon closer inspection where you will notice that from afar they all look the same, but close up everyone is different.

The history behind James Milory – the artist – is that he has been painting extensively in every kind of genre, from portraiture, still life and landscape to completely abstract work – but he has always returned to his most favoured theme of contemporary crowd scenes (as with this puzzle). His inspiration is a format based on isometric perspective to take a detached, ariel view of human crowds engaged in multiple activities. They express a fine balance – or tension – between community and individuality.

Ideal for:
This fantastic puzzle is perfect for all fans of jigsaws who enjoy a puzzling challenge.

Finished puzzle measures: 45cm x 45cm