‘Sleepy Head’ Box by Quiet Mind (QM)

‘Sleepy Head’ Box by Quiet Mind (QM)

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Drift into peaceful sleep and deep relaxation. Soothe your mind and relax your body with these handblended products. Create some self-care rituals and boost your sense of wellness.

Sleepy Head Roller – A heady blend of Frankincense and Lavender, to soothe your mind and help you drift off. Gently roll on pulse points for a moment of calm.

Frankincense, Lavender & Lemon Botanical Mist –Purify your space with Lavender, Lemon and Frankincense. Cleanse and clear away old or negative energy and create a soothing, relaxed atmosphere. Frankincense and Lemon oils clear the psychic space as Lavender oil clears and soothes your mind.

Howlite Tumble Stone – Used to promote feelings of relaxation, Howlite can ease sleeping issues such as insomnia, calm your worrysome mind and help you to drift off into restful sleep. Relieving stress and anxiety, Howlite can be a useful stone to enhance spiritual connection and meditation.